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ITWWW Fibre's Acceptable and Fair Usage Policy (A&FUP) is based on the familiar ‘leaky bucket’ algorithm which is often compared to filling a bucket with a hole in it. In this analogy, the bucket can be filled at any rate but can only ‘leak’ at a specific rate. In effect, this means that the faster one fills the bucket, the sooner the bucket will be full and begin to overflow. However, if the bucket is filled at a slower rate than the ‘leak’ rate, the bucket will never fill. Similarly on a ITWWW Fibre link, one can download at a certain rate, but when the bucket is full, our A&FUP is triggered and the line speed is reduced by approximately 50%. It will remain at this speed until the bucket stops overflowing.

Example: From a state of zero prior usage, one would typically be able to download for approximately 1 hour at 100% line speed. Using the analogy, the bucket would now be full and the A&FUP would trigger. This means one would only have approximately 50% download speed for the next 4 hours, providing there is zero usage during this period. After an hour of zero usage since triggering the A&FUP, the bucket would have emptied 25%. This means one could now download at maximum speed until the bucket is full again (approximately 15 minutes). From a state of zero prior usage, one would be able to download for approximately 2 hours at 75% line speed. At this point the A&FUP would trigger. From this point, the above applies. From a state of zero prior usage, one would be able to download at 50% line speed indefinitely. Although the A&FUP would trigger, the user experience would not change as the download rate is the same as the A&FUP rate. However, the above must be followed to remove the A&FUP. Although the above are perfect world examples, it is extremely difficult to measure.

The average non-abusive user would normally fill the bucket at a much slower rate and also empty the bucket before the A&FUP triggers. These users would rarely get the bucket completely full and therefore always have 100% line speed on demand – giving them a full Internet experience. What often happens is that during normal usage, whilst slowly filling the bucket, the user starts downloading at full capacity. Because the bucket is not empty, the user would only get 100% line speed until the bucket is full and the A&FUP is triggered. Unattended Downloads ITWWW Fibre does not allow unattended downloading.

During general Internet browsing, there are breaks of zero usage. When opening a webpage, content will be downloaded but while reading the page, there is no usage. Similarly, when downloading a single file, once the file download is complete, there is zero usage. This can easily be identified when viewing a user’s usage graph. Unattended downloads can also be identified when the usage on a link does not go to zero for an extended period of time. Any Internet activity where the user is constantly downloading at their PC / laptop or any device connected to their network is considered ‘unattended’. Torrents, News Network Protocol, Abusive VPN’s and P2P ITWWW Fibre controls the downloads of Torrents, News Network Protocol, Abusive VPN’s and P2P. Globally, the general use of these protocols are for downloading illegal and pirated material and will therefore be controlled byITWWW Fibre.

Torrents will be blocked and users will not be able to download torrents from 06:00 to 19:00 on weekdays. Although this restriction is lifted from 19:00 to 06:00 on weekdays, a very limited pool of bandwidth is allocated to Torrents. They will be allowed to download, but very slowly. The same applies from 19:00 on Friday to 06:00 on Monday.