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Dear valued ITWWW clients. If you are using our wMail Bulk Email Program or are considering Email Marketing for your business, please be aware of the POLICIES set out by our ISP - Hetzner (below)

Hetzner's Bulk Emailing policies

  1. You need to ensure that you receive explicit permission from the recipients of your mailing list that you may send them mail and ensure that you are able to prove that they have signed up.
  2. NEVER buy or take over a mailing list. Even if it is given or sold to you with the promise or guarantee that the recipients all opted in to receive commercial communication. Recipients of the list, if they did opt in, would have done so to receive mail from a specific company, about specific topics. None of the recipients of the list would have signed up to receive mail from your company, about your product. The list will not be legitimate and will lead to spam complaints.
  3. Include an unsubscribe option in each mail, ensure that the functionality is tested regularly and in working order.
  4. Ensure that your list is kept up to date. Also perform regular maintenance to remove email addresses for which the list is receiving bounce messages. Receiving bounce emails could indicate that the address no longer exists. Should the address ever be reactivated, it may belong to a completely different recipient, which means your opt-in confirmation from the previous client is not valid.
  5. We would recommend that you make use of a double opt-in (confirmed opt-in) sign up process. This process ensures that the email address is correct and that the person who signed up to receive the mail, is truly the recipient of the mail (ruling out the possibility of email spoofing). It also allows you to have a record of the customers request, should the recipient ever demand to know from where his/her details were obtained. Only once the confirmation is received, will they start receiving mail from you.
  6. Be transparent - provide explicit information on who you are, what you provide and what the customer can expect to receive from you in the commercial mail. This would avoid confusion and cut down on spam complaints.
  7. Be accessible. Ensure that the contact email addresses and contact details you provide in all communication and on your website are in working order and regularly monitored.
  8. Hetzners Acceptable Use Policy requires that all senders of bulk email use mailing lists that have been built using recipients that have opted in. The ECT Act of 2002 requires that the sender of unsolicited commercial communications to consumers be able to provide the consumer with the option to cancel their subscription to the mailing list.  A further requirement of the ECT Act of 2002 is that the sender is able to provide the identifying particulars of the source from which the sender obtained the email address.
  9. For more information, kindly see Hetzners Acceptable Use Policy and the ECT Act of 2002 below:

    1. | Acceptable Use Policy - regarding emails and spam
    2. | ECT ACT